What began as an award winning marinade in Louisiana is now yours to enjoy with friends and family.

Cajun Injector quality is known the world over and is leading the way with a full line of premium-blended injectable marinades, rich with spices and seasonings, sure to enhance the flavor of your meat, seafood and poultry. Our marinade line has grown to 10 premium flavors: Creole Butter, Creole Garlic, Roasted Garlic & Herbs, Jalapeno Butter, Teriyaki Fusion, Chop House Steak, Hot N Spicy Butter, Lemon Butter Garlic and Honey Bacon BBQ. We also produce a marinade called Honey Praline Ham which comes with the specialty topping to create the perfect Holiday Ham.

No Waiting

Our injection procedures infuse flavor deep inside the meat. No soak time is required for full flavor penetration. Meat may be cooked immediately after injecting and spicing.

No Fat

As no soak time is required, fats and oils that protect the exterior of the meat from dehydration during the soaking process are not necessary ingredients with Cajun Injector marinades.

No Waste

Before filling the injector, measure out the exact amount of marinade desired (we recommend 2 oz. per pound of meat injected). Unused marinade will remain free of contamination and can be saved in the refrigerator for future use, unlike other marinades.